About Neosurf Online Reselling

Neosurfonline.com handles the selection process and management of Neosurf Authorised Resellers (NARs)

As a Business Process Outsource provider, XaltPay LTD has been appointed by Neosurf Cards SAS, owner of the Neosurf brand and Neosurfonline.com domain, to provide the full reseller service to NARs, globally.

XaltPay LTD is the company that launched ukashreselling.com in 2008 and delivered a global footprint and scale with its trusted reseller network service.

Neosurf online will :

  • Publish information to potential NARs.
  • Manage the NAR application process, review and contract with NARs that meet the criteria as set out by Neosurf.
  • Assist NARs with business development, provide guidance and support with the Neosurf online issuing and reporting tool, branding and marketing pack.
  • Manage NAR orders and topup Neosurf issuing credits to the individual NAR online issuing tool.
  • Publish and update an online list of NARs to the benefit of Neosurf customers, wherever they may be.
  • Provide voucher customer service interface to NARs.