We look for resellers from any country in the world. Your country certainly has online merchants wanting to accept Neosurf vouchers as payment, so there is a demand from customers to be able to buy Neosurf vouchers locally to pay online on the websites they visit.
Anybody completing our onboarding process can become a Neosurf Authorised Reseller; add Neosurf to your existing portofolio of products you sell, either online or via a physical issuing estate, or you may combine Neosurf with an affiliate program you're running, or maybe you're just looking to generate some additional income. Contact us and together we'll discuss the opportunities.
Neosurf codes are region-coded, meaning that when they are sold and used in the same region, your customers will be able to use the Neosurf codes without any problems. As a Neosurf Authorised Reseller your sales region is contractually limited to your country of residence, but if you wish to sell Neosurf online to other countries let us know and we can discuss this with you.
Neosurf provides you with a new revenue opportunity from an existing customer base, who need a voucher payment option for their online payment needs. We pay you in advance a commission on every Neosurf voucher you sell.
Once you are approved as a Neosurf Authorised Reseller, you will receive secure access to your personal Neosurf Authorised Reseller account.

Make a payment to us for the amount of Neosurf issuing credits you want and we will credit this amount plus your reseller commission to your Neosurf Authorised Reseller account.

When your payment reaches us, you will receive an automated message that the value has been uploaded; simply log in and issue Neosurf vouchers in real-time, in quantities and values your customer wants.

When your customer has ordered a voucher and paid, you can then provide them with a printed voucher or send them the voucher information in a secure file over the internet.
Click on become a reseller, fill in the contact form and we will respond with more information needed to set up your Neosurf Authorised Reseller account.

Once we have received your first payment, your account is immediately activated and you can start reselling Neosurf vouchers.
Details of all Neosurf Authorised Resellers will be shown on this website so that future customers can contact you directly through the communication channels you make available.

If you decide to create your own Neosurf online sales shop, we will gladly supply you with promotional material and logos.

Web merchants in your region will also promote you directly to their customers.
Resellers from all countries pay us via international bank transfer. Depending on your country of residence, additional local payment methods may also be available to you. You will receive a list of available payment options in your country during the reselling registration process.
All you need is a device you can connect to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone) that allows you to access to your Neosurf Authorised Reseller account and issue Neosurf vouchers. Once issued, you can then print the vouchers and hand them over, or email the voucher information in a file over the internet to your customer.
You can either issue vouchers yourself via your own Neosurf Authorised Reseller account, save them in your server warehouse and connect this to your webshop; or you can ask us to directly integrate your Neosurf Authorised Reseller account to your webshop. Contact us for more information.

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